10 Winter Landscape Gardening Tips

Gardeners don’t have that much work to do during winter, but there are still some landscape gardening tasks that need to be carried out.


    1. Keep cutting the lawn if the winter is mild, raise the mower blades’ to its highest setting and don’t mow too frequently. You have to remember that it’s winter after all…
    2. Wrap any plants that are tender & not frost hardy with fleece. This will prevent the plants from freezing. If the winter is harsh, take the containers indoors to avoid extreme cold temperatures.
    3. Spray fruit trees. Do it when they are dormant, and use a good spray. Often it’s better to leave this to a landscape gardening services provider, especially if you have many trees to look after. Protecting your most vulnerable trees during winter is crucial to make sure they will make it through the harsh weather.
    4. Water the evergreens once a week. The ground is not always frozen in early winter, and so you can still water the plants that most need water during winter – evergreens. These can lose quite a lot of water through their falling needles.
    5. If there’s a heavy snow fall brush off the snow before it freezes as the weight can cause branches to break leaving the
    6. Remove broken tree limbs. In winter, these can brake easily because of wind and/or the weight of snow and ice. Branches hanging precariously from a tree can be dangerous for passersby and cars. The sooner you remove the damaged branch, the easier it will be for the tree to heal.
  • If the temperature becomes warm for a few days, ventilate the rose cones and cold-frames. This will prevent heat from building inside and damaging the plants. But make sure you don’t forget to put the cones or cold-frames back on! After all, it’s winter…


  2. Look after the ground. Some things you need to do to keep your garden in order during winter is to firm the ground around shrubs and plants lifted by frost, and prepare it for next-year’s annual by digging over it. The work can be painstaking, but your garden will be grateful.
  3. Shake off the snow from shrubs and hedges. Trees are not the only ones that can be weighed down by snow. If fact, shrubs and hedges are often much more vulnerable than trees. Shake off the snow carefully, making sure you do not damage the plants.
  4. Plan your spring gardening schedule. Winter is the season that gives gardeners a bit of respite. Use that respite to order seed catalogues and make up your mind about the plants you’ll grow next year. This is a good time to contact a landscape gardening company.
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